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Controlling Fleas in Dogs

For any flea treatment to be effective, then it has to be done all over your house, both inside and out. If you are going to be successful in your flea treatment for dogs, then you have to it aggressively. Wherever you find you dog lying throughout the day, these are the important places that you need to vacuum daily. You vacuum bags have to be disposed of properly by putting them inside a plastic bag and throwing them outside in the garbage cans. You should regularly vacuum the wholes but for the places where the dog loves to stay, it is necessary to vacuum it daily. When you are using cleaning products in the form of powders, sprays, and foggers, larvae eggs and fleas can be killed. If you are to be effective in treating dog fleas, then you should wash your dog beddings every week and spray the place where he sleeps with flea spray. You car, pet crate, garage, and places where you pet loves to stay should be included in the cleaning and spraying.

A flea can survive without our food for about a week. If there is an organic and shaded area, this is the place where fleas like to stay. The can make nests in leave lying around in your garden. Make sure that your garden is free of fallen leaves and include places where your dog loves to play or stay outdoors in your treatment routine. You can use environmentally friendly products to treat your yard.

Dog treatment is as important as treating your house surroundings. There are many forms of dog flea treatment. One treatment is in the form of a solution that you squeeze behind the dog’s head. In this place, dogs will not be able to lick the medication. This will help the solution to work. Once the flea comes in contact with the solution, then they will die. Flea sprays can be put on the dog’s full body. A light spray in a well ventilated place will do the trick. Spray the whole body except the face. For you dog’s face, use cotton balls to apply the spray but make sure it does not go to its eyes.

Full immersion is how flea dips are used. The flea dip will come with complete instructions which you should follow carefully. Some pet owners are not confident to do it themselves so they let the vet administer the flea dip. If you want to get rid of live fleas you can also use dog shampoo. The shampoo should be allowed to stay in the fur for a few minutes for it to take effect. Flea collars are also effective but it should be put on loosely. You need to trim the collar according to size.

Doing flea control needs diligence and consistency. If you have tried all these methods and you are still having problems with fleas, then contact your veterinarian for the best possible treatment.

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