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Benefits of Playing Golf for Your Health

If you are an avid player of golf then you are well aware that it is known as the gentleman’s game. Apart from leisure, there are other health benefits associated with the sport. Some of the health benefits of the sport are highlighted below.

The first benefit of the sport is it makes the player to spend some time outdoors. Reducing risk of cancer and heart diseases as well as bone formation are some of the benefits of soaking in vitamin D from the sun. Further studies have shown that exposure to the sun also reduces stress, relaxes the body and aids in alleviating anxiety.

Another benefit of playing golf is that it helps in building relationships. Golf has a lot of down time unlike other competitive sports which help in socializing and interacting. Human connections are powerful and healthy tools for every human being. Being part of a community, meeting new people and maintaining healthy relationships is crucial to human beings and aids in emotional growth and development.

When you walk for long distances you learn how to hold your bladder for longer thus strengthening it. The muscles of your bladder become stronger even to your old age when you strengthen then and golf helps with this. Crouching and bending can help strengthen quadriceps and is especially beneficial for women golfers.

when you play golf, you can be able to burn up to 1000 calories. Walking is a major activity in golf and one can walk up to seven kilometers or more. Walking in itself is good for the body and can help burn a lot of calories. You can also lose a lot of weight from swinging and carrying the golf clubs yourself.

Golf is also good for the brain as well. Coordinating your hand and eyes is a function of the brain since it aids eye and hand coordination. The brain is also at work helping you strategize your next move. when your self-esteem improves, your mental health improves keeping low self esteem and anxiety at bay and is another function of golf.
Good vision is another benefit of golf since you have to keep up with the white ball as it bounces miles away. playing golf helps to exercise the eyes. When your eye muscles are strong enough, you do not have to wear glasses.

All that walking in the golf course will help you sleep soundly at night since you will be exhausted. Good sleep is important for the body since it helps you regenerate worn out body cells. Such regeneration is beneficial for your overall health and body as well and you will wake up refreshed and revitalized.

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